— Sue Smith, Principal, Camdenville Public School

Louis is loving Task, and so are we! He is doing his homework under Ellie’s kind but eagle eyes and amazingly he is calm when we pick him up.
Thanks so much for the fantastic (and fun) care you guys provide (Ellie is a GEM) . Just knowing we don’t have to worry about our little guy anymore has transformed our world = no more parental guilt! Not mention no more homework fights once we get home …well, ok fewer homework fights ;)
— Christine, Marrickville
We’re very happy with TASK and Levi is blossoming at TASK. He’s started to understand that it’s work first, then play. He’s volunteering and suggesting what work he should complete on Wednesday night and what he will do on Thursday and he’s learning lots of new games and activities. I couldn’t be happier with the program. Without fail he complains when I turn up and has even taken to hiding in the library so that we don’t have to leave.
— Louise North Annandale
My children can’t wait to head to TASK in the holidays! The variety of activities really keeps them engaged and they thrive under the care of the fabulous staff. I love that there is never any junk food served too, it means I know that my children are eating good food and won’t come home bouncing off the walls on a sugar high!
— Rachel, Stanmore
Georgia is loving her two days of the TASK holiday program this week. She was insistent that she had to go rather than stay home with Mum or Dad. Whilst this is a little bit sad it makes life a lot easier for two parents who work – thanks to you both and your team.
— Maria, Newtown
My husband and I were so pleased with the September holiday care. The girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves. There was such a diverse range of activities on and offsite to choose from and the artwork they came home with was amazing! Both our girls wanted to join the circus after having the acrobats come in one of the days.Thanks for creating such a wonderful programme. We look forward to the next one.
— Karen & Phil, Stanmore